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Home » Recent News » (2020.5.28) Delivery deadline is 90 days
(2020.5.28) Delivery deadline is 90 days


Dear friends,

Most orders will arrive within 20-60 days, but also many orders' shipping should be delayed because of COVID-19.

A few customers always asked us why the tracking information don't update for a long time, we told them now is serious situation, just be a little patient, but still some customers refuse the payment or threaten us to refuse payment if they don't receive the order in 30 days even not 60 days. We have a big headache about this. because after the payment was refused, they received orders after all, when we request them to repay the order, they don't response us any more. So we lost money and cards.

China Post Service has returned to normal, the biggest problem now is import customs clearance needs a long time but not our problem.

So we have to declare the delivery deadline is 90 days, if you are worried that you have no luck and don't want to wait a long time, please make an order carefully.

Now we take a screenshot of one customer's tracking information, you can see the customer received the order in about 75 days, but he refused the payment about 40 days, when we requested a repay, no response at all, but he emailed us very frequently from 20 days.

thanks for your patience and understanding.
Wish you stay safe.
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