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R4i Save Dongle for Nintendo 3DS / DSi
Product N0.: P124382441
Price: $19.99
New Price: $17.99
Name: R4iSaveDongle
Condition: New
Availability: In Stock, Shipped out within 1 workday
Return: Unconditional return
Shipping: Free shipping, 100% tested before shipping
Micro SD:
Product Description


R4i Save Dongle for Nintendo 3DS / DSi XLLL/ DSi / DS Lite / DS

Before using Save Dongle, you need to install the driver that is available at
User can share or download game savers from special area of and


What can you do

v       Wi-Fi

v       Play Nintendo 3DS / Dsi / DS / DS Lite

v       Play music

v       Read e-Book and view pictures

v       Watch DPG movies


What is included?

v       1 x R4i Save Dongle card.



v       Supports 3DS,NDSi,NDSL original game cart.

v       Backup game savers from 3DS/NDS/NDSI original game card to PC, to avoid game saver been accidentally overwrite.

v       Restore game savers backup from PC to 3DS/NDS/NDSI original game cart through USB.

v       Editing game savers(level, experience, money etc ...) becomes possible.

v       User friendly software interface to manage the save file.

v       Editing game savers (level, experience, money etc.) becomes possible.

v       Allow game savers to be share between users.

a. User can share or download game savers from official web site and forums.

b. Game savers sharing allow user jump to certain game level.


More about R4i Save Dongle:

Please visit:

Product Reviews
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Posted by T.Z. 11/19/2014
Is it possible to deliver the" r4i save dongle" to a post office/ package station?

Reply:Dear T.Z.,
Yes. Choose HK post to delivery to your post address.
Posted by Alberto Rochin 11/17/2014
Do you ship this to Mexico?
Reply:Dera Alberto,
Yes. We can ship to Mexico. But will take a longer time about 30 days.
Please be aware of this.
Posted by kd 11/15/2014
you have the price in usa money but what is the price in uk money also id be buying a 4gb sd with it so how much is it in pounds ??? thanks if you could let me know then i'll decide weather or not to buy it 
Reply:Dear KD,
You can stay mouse on currencies option one second. You can see the UK pounds price. Click GBP and then all of products' price will be GBP.
Posted by Paola 11/15/2014
Do you ship this to Spain?
Reply:Dear Paola,
Yes. We can ship to Spain.
Posted by Mohsin Siddiqui 11/13/2014
Plz use this email kamran/ to tell me the details. Thanks. Plz give the details soon
Reply:2014-11-13 18:21
Kowloon Office,Hong Kong, Departed Operations facility – In Transit
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